Accredited TEFL/TESOL Companies

We are delighted to welcome the following TEFL/TESOL companies whom we have accredited recently. These companies clearly demonstrate the ethos of 'Excellence via Competence'. We are proud to be involved in their future. They abide by the agreed standards and ethics for accreditation.

TravelGrad ( Coming soon: a high-quality 120 hour TEFL/TESOL course.


"Are you ready to transform your life and 'Go places'? Start your journey with GoTESOL , your trusted partner in TEFL/TESOL certification. As a dedicated provider in the TEFL/TESOL industry, we don't just offer courses - we open doors to a world teeming with opportunities.

Our comprehensive courses, meticulously designed around practical teaching skills, is your passport to the dynamic global English teaching market. We equip you with the tools to inspire students around the world, and with our round-the-clock support, you're never alone on this journey.

But our commitment to you extends far beyond the course. We stand by our graduates with post-course resources and lesson plans, ensuring you have the support you need as you step into the classroom, whether it's around the corner or around the globe.

With GoTESOL, you're not just earning a certificate - you're embarking on a life-changing journey that will equip you with the confidence and skills to truly 'Go places'. So, are you ready to explore the world, inspire students, and make a difference? Join us at GoTESOL, and let's navigate this exciting world of opportunities together."

TEFL. Set. Go! (

TEFL. Set. Go! is part of the RVF International Teach English in Spain family where our passion is all things related to education and exchange. Our 120-Hour TEFL course is flexibly online and is geared towards teachers and travelers who want to make a difference online at home or in the classroom abroad. 

If you've never taught English but are interested in making a difference, earning some money and having fun while doing it, we would love the opportunity to work with you one-on-one to make it a reality. We offer the largest Teach Abroad program in Spain and are excited to now be able to help certify you to teach English abroad anywhere in the world. 

You can find us at or via email at Your journey starts today!

TEFL Nomad (

TEFL Nomad is your modern day solution to teaching abroad.

Our 120 Hour Advanced TEFL course has been designed as a user friendly, collaborative experience. This modern day course cuts out all the long, and boring processes usually involved in completing a TEFL course. You'll be accompanied by instructors and our very own podcast host, James!

Our course is highly accredited, internationally recognised and once you've completed it our team will help you build your teacher profile and connect you with reputable teaching positions around the world or online!

TEFL Nomad is powered by The Fewer Things, a multi-award-winning teach abroad provider.


Accredited by ACCREDITAT since 3 March 2022.

Want to teach English online or abroad? You are in the right place!
English is the key to the modern world. Being able to use and speak English is the most important skill a person can have in the modern world. English is the key to countless opportunities across the world for both TEFL students and TEFL teachers.

TEFL PDI makes learning accessible to all for FREE. Take the course at no cost and begin your TEFL journey with us today. The TEFL Professional Development Institute have simplified the TEFL teacher training and certification process to help you gain the skills of a modern, qualified and professional TEFL teacher. We aim to make education accessible to everyone through our Online 120-Hour TEFL Course.

TEFL PDI’s 120-Hour Online TEFL Course is globally recognised. The 120-Hour TEFL certificate is required to teach online and/or internationally. A TEFL certificate is your first step to a new career, new opportunities, and new adventures. Begin your free 120-Hour Online TEFL Course and begin your TEFL journey with us today.

TEFL Teacher (

We offer an Internationally Accredited 120 hour TEFL certificate.

Our TEFL course is not just a certificate; it’s the opportunity to travel, experience and make your teaching dreams come true.

This company is run by teachers. We focus on our roots; most of our staff are English teachers from South Africa. We pride ourselves on having some of the best quality teachers and TEFL students in the world. Despite our course being internationally recognized, we primarily focus on equipping experienced and new teachers from South Africa with our TEFL certification and assist with job opportunities.

We empathize with our fellow South Africans’ current economic and political issues they face on a daily basis. By teaching abroad or online, you will be able to live a comfortable life abroad with the freedom to travel and experience financial freedoms. This is due to the major demand for English teachers in Asia and Europe.

Our TEFL course is completely online and self-study. It offers an in-depth understanding of what is required to teach English in a foreign country. We are not a recruiting agency, but we do offer job assistance to our partner schools in Vietnam, teaching and in various online ESL-schools.

Let us help you take the first step!

Contact us at

TEFL Adventure (

TEFL Adventure was started by a group of friends who love living and teaching abroad and have been doing so for many years. We genuinely believe it is one of the best things a person can do. Living abroad comes with so many rewards and expands your worldview in ways nothing else can. We wanted to make it easy for people to learn to teach abroad, without sacrificing the quality of education they received. Thus, TEFL Adventure was born.

Before you set off on your journey, you first need a top-tier TEFL certification course, and that’s where TEFL Adventure comes in. We created our fully-accredited online course with those new to teaching in mind. The course is split into six all-encompassing sections that provide our students with everything they need to become elite ESL teachers.

We go above and beyond the academic education part of TEFL by also focusing on the realities that you will face in and out of the classroom. We do not want to simply educate you, but prepare you for the adventure of a lifetime.


At TEFL.CO, we are truly passionate about our clients and our team of highly qualified tutors will be there for you every step of the way.  Our dedicated tutors will provide you with guidance and meaningful feedback to ensure that you are ready for your teaching career. 

All our staff have at least 2 degrees each. They have experience as EFL teachers and most of them have taught abroad.  We are so capable of handling all your queries!

TEFL.CO started in February 2020, just before COVID 19 changed the face of teaching abroad completely. We are happy to say that our courses have provided many people an opportunity to teach English Online, and have prepared other students for the adventures that will start once the borders are open again.
We offer a variety of quality courses at an AFFORDABLE rate.  The courses we offer are as follows:
  • 120 Hour Advanced TEFL/TESOL Course
  • 140 Hour Advanced TEFL/TESOL Course
  • 160 Hour Advanced TEFL/TESOL Course
  • 180 Hour Advanced TEFL/TESOL Course
  • We also have 20 Hour courses to boost your 120 Hour course.

 XploreAsia (

The XploreAsia team shares a love and passion for teaching English and giving back to the community. We wholeheartedly believe in the benefits of education, and what we provide to our teachers and the communities in which they live and work.

XploreAsia’s Education Division has provided training to more than 4,000 teachers. XploreAsia has a staff of highly qualified TESOL instructors who have all taught in Asia, and have an in-depth understanding of how to teach all ages and abilities as an ESL teacher overseas.

XploreAsia’s flagship course is a 120 hour, internationally accredited, in-class TESOL course, held in Thailand, South Korea, Vietnam, Myanmar, and Costa Rica. The four-week course provides cultural and language orientation, teacher training, and participation in a non-profit English camp.

It is because we know the positive and transformative effects of living and working in Asia that we are so dedicated to enabling more people to have this same experience.

 CultureRoute (

CultureRoute provides the educational tools and cultural preparation to embark on a life-changing adventure of growth and learning.  CultureRoute’s Instructors have collectively spent decades living and teaching in other countries, most of them in the developing world, and have worked with thousands of teachers going overseas to prepare them to teach and live abroad.

We provide an honest and accurate representation of teaching English to speakers of other languages, based on the real experiences of our staff and alumni.

CultureRoute courses make extensive use of video tutorials which include footage of real classroom scenarios from Thailand, South Korea, Myanmar, and Vietnam, and expert advice from Instructors and other English teachers in the field.

An experienced instructor will review your teaching and provide feedback. This prepares you for teaching in the classroom and helps you to improve your skills in real-time. You will receive peer feedback for each assignment and you will also have to give feedback to other students. You might be planning to teach in the same country as some of your peers, so this is also a great opportunity to forge connections and make friends. Our courses are tablet and mobile-optimized, meaning you can take your learning on the go!

 TEFL Tuscany, Florence, Italy (

TEFL Tuscany offers an extremely high-quality 140 hour classroom-based TEFL course. 

TEFL Tuscany has been offering its language students and TEFL trainees top-notch services since 2006 when it opened its doors as TLC.  TEFL Tuscany offers an extremely high-quality 140 hour in-house, with live, observed teaching practice, TESOL/TEFL certification program and has quickly grown to become a well-respected language and culture center.  During your TEFL program, you’ll get to know the locals as your students, colleagues, and then as your friends.

We take your future career seriously at TEFL Tuscany!  By the end of the course, you’ll be prepared to teach in any country you choose, at any level.  We provide comprehensive job sessions and contacts with language schools.  We’re here for any of your questions before, during or even after the course ends.  Please visit our website for more information.

Our Vision

TEFL Tuscany believes that the study of language enhances communication, understanding and knowledge and that language and culture are inseparable. We are dedicated to the concept of intercultural exchange through language with the intention to provide deeper cultural understanding and awareness through our language teaching.

Therefore, we are committed to offering a range of services that encompass our vision. We believe that language teaching and learning and cultural understanding go beyond the textbook and the classroom, and we seek to provide authentic experiences that will impact individuals as students, future teachers and world citizens.

Our goal is to instil a capacity for cultural sensitivity that transcends individuals’ experiences at TEFL Tuscany. Our hope is that this will become and remain fundamental in many aspects of their lives, including career, relationships, travel, and understanding of their individual role in a global society.

 TEFL Universal (

TEFL Universal is a company created by teachers, for teachers.

We focus on providing high quality and interesting accredited online TEFL courses, which are accessible to all.

TEFL Universal provides two different online courses:

120 Hour Online TEFL/TESOL Course – A 120 TEFL course is essential for those wishing to teach abroad. The course covers a wide spectrum of topics which are essential to anyone dreaming of teaching English as a foreign language to students in a classroom setting.

150 Hour Advanced Online TEFL/TESOL Course - The 150 hour course is ideal for those hoping to teach abroad or teach online. The course provides all the essential topics for those looking to teach in a classroom context, with an additional module that focuses on online teaching methods.

TEFL Universal also provides career advice to all students completing its course and can secure positions overseas and online for its alumni, if those candidates meet requirements set out by the hiring company.

TEFL Universal works with 50 overseas schools and 10 online institutions so it’s alumni are able to secure a large number of positions through the companies recruitment arm.

Please contact us at:

► Ninja Teacher Academy (

The Ninja Teacher Academy accredited 120 hour Online TEFL Course will equip you with the skills, knowledge and certification needed to get a job and start earning an income teaching English abroad or online from home.

A great option to get TEFL certified right now, in your spare time, from home and at your own pace:
  • 10 modules with over 10 hours of video recorded in-classroom footage from our trainer with a Masters in Education from Harvard.
  • Weekly online live training sessions from our trainer.
  • Full personal academic support with detailed, helpful feedback on your lesson plans and assignments.
  • Hard-copy of certificate with international shipping included.
  • Private Facebook group to connect with your trainers and classmates.
  • Get hired with the career readiness module and job search resource 
► Dux Incorporated (

Dux has accredited and internationally recognised TEFL/TESOL courses from only $5 USD! All courses are by teachers, for teachers, and include free resources and recruitment services.

These include a Specialised 60-Hour Online Teaching Course, Fundamental 120-Hour TEFL/TESOL Course, Combined 180-Hour TEFL/TESOL Course, Advanced 120-Hour TEFL/TESOL Course, and Advanced 180-Hour TEFL/TESOL Course.

Our courses can be completed 100% online from the comfort of your home within 1-3 weeks. We save you time and money by taking a focused approach, providing you with everything you need in an accredited course to excel in the classroom and land a high-paying teaching job.

The courses cover the basic theory of being an English teacher, teaching the main language skills, teaching strategies for different age-groups, classroom management techniques, online teaching, and other essentials for the modern-day English classroom!

Various benefits of the Dux TEFL/TESOL Course include:
  • 6 months course access
  • Affordable course prices
  • Additional FREE resources
  • Suitable for online teachers
  • Complementary recruitment services for international placement          

Why wait? Your comprehensive TEFL/TESOL course and dream teaching job is a click away!

Visit  for more information.

TEFL Hero (

TEFL Hero is a startup that is owned and operated by real teachers. With over 20 years of cumulative experience, we’re excited to share our 120-hour online TEFL course with promising new teachers looking to shape the world. 

With a small team of tutors who are currently teaching in schools around the world, you can rest assured that you’ve got the support you’ll need to be successful in your first ESL classroom! 

Our 120-hour online TEFL course covers what you’ll need to be a successful TEFL teacher and also includes additional extended lesson planning modules, an introduction to young learners, as well as an introduction to teaching online. 

Here are some benefits of the TEFL Hero course: 

  • Lifetime access to the course (includes course updates) 
  • Accessible anywhere on every device - just need Wi-Fi!
  • User-friendly course platform
  • Real teacher support - replies within 48 hours 
  • Curriculum curated to meet the modern TEFL environment

TEFL Zone (                                                                                 

TEFL Zone is delighted to offer you our high-quality 120 hour Online TEFL Course, written by leading English Language experts in the UK and accredited by ACCREDITAT.

We offer you a full quality package. We will provide:


  • TEFL Certification with Accreditation
  • Tutor support when taking our 120 hour TEFL course
  • All the correct paperwork for applying for your teaching position in China
  • A school that suits your teaching level and grade
  • 2+ years support whilst working in Asia. In the first year we place our teachers in China. In the second year, you will have the choice to be placed in Thailand or Korea. What an adventure!

Are you ready to start your adventure? Contact us now!

 World TESOL Academy (                                         

At the World TESOL Academy, we focus solely on providing thorough TESOL/TEFL online training at an affordable price range.

Our aim is to ensure that people around the world have access to reliable and supported training with assessments that leave you confident in your own abilities.

Our organisation values are:

  • Education should be affordable
  • Education courses should provide a complete set of materials on the given topic
  • Education courses should be relevant to the modern environment
  • Self-study courses should come with access to real teacher support

As an education-based organisation, we believe these four pillars should be the focus of any distance-learning course.


 TeachTEFL (

TeachTEFL offers a variety of courses to ensure you are ready to be the best teacher you can be. 
You will discover that our accredited courses have everything you need to become a competent and effective TEFL/TESOL teacher.

Accredited Advanced 120 Hour Online TEFL Course

We are immensely proud to be accredited by ACCREDITAT. Our high-quality Advanced 120 hour TEFL course is jam-packed with everyday ideas and practical examples.  You will find that our course is written in Plain English and our system is easy to navigate.

This is not just an online course with no human interaction. We require our students to complete assignments which will provide practical and “real-life” lesson planning skills. You will receive assessment feedback and quality support from our highly-qualified tutors.

We guarantee that we will be here to support you whenever you need it and we’ll help to prepare you well for your teaching career.

The highly-positive feedback we have received so far from our students has proven that we’ve got it right.

Our ACCREDITAT-accredited Course Offerings

Our course offerings give you, the teacher, the flexibility to choose which course would suit you. You can always start small, if you wish, and add to your teaching credentials by adding the smaller courses.  The courses we offer are
  • 180 Hour Advanced Online TEFL Course
  • 120 Hour Advanced Online TEFL Course
  • 20 Hour Teaching Business English Online Course
  • 20 Hour Teaching Young Learners Online Course
  • 20 Hour Teaching English Online Course
  • 20 Hour Practical Course (On Site Practical Course)
We cannot wait to have you as part of our family! Contact us at!

 Horizons University

MA in TESOL at Horizons University (fully online) 

The Horizons University Master’s degree in TESOL is suitable for both current TESOL/ESL/EFL teachers as well as for people with no teaching experience but with a good command of English and a bachelor’s degree. As this program is designed to be taken entirely online, students can start any day of the year, adjust their studies to their work and life schedule, and graduate within one to two years. 

This program is designed to give its students an extensive background in the theory of second language acquisition as well as to provide practical skills needed to teach grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation; to develop and design curriculum, courses, and materials; to carry out learner assessment; and to conduct research in the field of TESOL.

Furthermore, this is one of the most affordable online Master of Arts in TESOL programs from an internationally accredited non-profit university. Founded in 1998, Horizons University was the first French (and European) university to offer an online TESOL degree program.

The MA in TESOL from Horizons University gives its students an opportunity to find their passion in the field of TESOL and prepare for the career of their choice. Its graduates can pursue many different careers in education, including teaching English as a second or foreign language to learners of all ages, in many educational settings, in the native country or abroad, in secondary schools or universities (additional certification, however, may be required for teaching in secondary schools);  in administrative positions, such as an English program supervisor; as developers of EFL/ESL materials for various publishing companies; and in research in an academic setting.

Coming soon: Information on their ACCREDITAT-accredited online course: MA in International Education

 EF Education First (

Not yet accredited. Coming soon! EF Education First offers a high-quality, accredited 120 hour online TEFL course. Keep an eye on this page and we will confirm when this accredited program is available.

TESOL-direct (  We set up TESOL-direct in 2000 ( to offer high quality, competitively-priced courses. Our TESOL certificate courses are offered by distance learning because this is the most cost-effective and flexible way to study. We have provided TESOL / TEFL* training in 22 countries. All our tutors are very experienced with at least 20 years of ESOL / EFL teaching and training experience behind them, and at least an MA/MEd TESOL / TEFL qualification. (*The terms TESOL and TEFL are interchangeable worldwide. The acronym TESOL is widely used around the world; TEFL is more common in the UK.)

Our courses are by distance learning and are not on-line. An on-line course is not appropriate for a TESOL / TEFL programme. We send you your course materials. When you have enrolled, our course materials will be made available to you (pdf format -  so quick and 100% safe) and you can save them on your computer. We will also appoint a tutor for you who will mark your assignments and answer your questions.

We offer a 150-hour programme for people wishing to teach for some years, and perhaps make it their career. This is a comprehensive training programme: 450 pages + 100-page English Grammar Guide. We also offer a 120-hour course for people wishing to teach for a shorter time, perhaps even as a volunteer. For those who have completed a TESOL / TEFL certificate, we offer a Certificate in Teaching English to Young Learners as well as a Certificate in Teaching Business English.

There are no exams. Assessment is through assignments. Each participant receives comprehensive feedback on each assignment. This is an important and unique element with our training programmes not found with other providers. If an assignment needs to be modified, we give guidance and it can be resubmitted.

There are videos of classroom lessons on our site which participants can access. There are also sample materials.

All participants have 12 months in which to complete their course, although most complete in between 5 and 8 weeks.

The quality and professional nature of our TESOL training is confirmed with accreditation by ACCREDITAT. The demand for teachers with training in TESOL / TEFL continues to be high around the world, and schools and colleges in many countries are continually looking for native and non-native speakers with teaching skills. We have job links on our site.

To find out more, please go to . If you have questions, please email .

TESOL-direct Ltd is registered with the United Kingdom Register of Learning Providers (UKPRN: 10002273). UKRLP is a ‘one-stop’ portal used by government departments, agencies, learners, and employers to share key information about learning providers.

We are also registered with the UK Data Protection Information Commissioner, registration number: Z2546276.

UNI-Prep Institute (  UNI-Prep Institute is a respected name in educational, professional development.

UNI-Prep Institute offers two high-quality online TESOL/TEFL programs, both of which will qualify you to teach English abroad in virtually every country in the world:

1. A high-quality 120-hour online TESOL/TEFL Certificate program

2. A high-quality 250-hour online TESOL/TEFL Diploma program

Whichever course you choose, you can decide whether you wish to receive the TESOL or TEFL qualification as each course meets the requirements of both qualifications.

UNI-Prep has a 99% course completion and pass rate, and the Institute has extensive connections to ESL/EFL-related employment opportunities around the world.

Find out more at


TEFLPros  ( If you are looking for a high-quality online solution for learning how to teach English abroad, look no further than TEFLPros’ 120 hour Online TEFL Certification Course.

We are the first and only fully online TEFL provider that mixes the latest in online learning capabilities with 20+ hours of in-classroom observations. This powerful combination results in an experiential learning environment that is fully immersive and allows you to grasp what it’s really like to be in the classroom while studying remotely.

We are also proud to be fully accredited by ACCREDITAT.

You’ll love our upbeat and fun approach to TEFL. Our videos will keep you engaged and interested throughout the course. The course syllabus is clear and easy to follow. We will measure your progress throughout the course and provide valuable feedback so that you can feel confident and prepared when you step into the real classroom.

Our course was developed by two teachers who are currently living and working abroad so we can provide real life insight that other providers cannot. We are also here to answer any questions that you may have and we guarantee that your experience with TEFLPros will provide you with the necessary tools you need to teach English abroad.

So, what are you waiting for? Check us out at to find out more information and sign up for the next step of your teaching career.

TEFL UK ( We believe in empowering our students to be the best that they can be through our quality, tried and tested Online TEFL training courses.Ultimately, our courses are designed to enable graduates to have a fulfilling teaching experience.

From our experience, we know that teaching English as a Foreign language can be a complex task. We focus on delivering solutions to problems a teacher might face when teaching TEFL.
Through our training, teachers can learn effective teaching methodology and the right approach to take in order to successfully navigate potential pitfalls when delivering ESOL (English as a Second Language) classes.
We believe that all students have the right to be taught by teachers with a wealth of lesson ideas, strategies and grammatical understanding. Our courses help provide a full understanding of these ideas.

There’s nothing complicated about it: great training, great outcome!

TEFL UK 120 hour Advanced Interactive TEFL

This innovative course is excellent value for money and consists of 13 modules that are broken down into small units with interactive questions designed to engage and stimulate learning. Each module contains a test.

The course is easy to follow and you can access it via an e-learning portal that is compatible with your mobile or device. You can study from anywhere!

This course will help you learn how to become an effective TEFL teacher.

By the end of the course, you will have a thorough understanding of classroom management skills, grammatical awareness, lesson planning, how to teach receptive skills, how to teach productive skills, how to use games and controlled practice and much more. 

TEFL UK 150 hour Advanced TEFL

Our comprehensive TEFL Masters course covers everything you need to teach across a broad range of contexts, including teaching children and adults.
You will also gain understanding of IELTS and TOEFL exam preparation.

The course contains 16 modules with additional units on teaching Business English, Teaching Large Classes and Teaching Exams Classes.

As with the 120 hour Advanced Interactive TEFL, you can access it via an e-learning portal that is compatible with any device, meaning you can study from anywhere.

By the end of the course, you will have a thorough understanding of how to teach English to a wide variety of learners including children, adults and corporate.


TEFL Fullcircle ( TEFL Fullcircle offers you an outstanding opportunity to get an Accredited TEFL Education and give yourself the chance to experience a 360 Degree view of your world by teaching and travelling.

Our Online TEFL courses are accredited by ACCREDITAT and we feel proud to be associated with such an outstanding Internationally Recognised Partner.

As an English speaker with a TEFL Fullcircle Certificate, you can discover your TEFL Planet and travel and experience different cultures from South America to South East Asia.

We offer a high quality 120 Hour and a high quality 160 Hour Online TEFL Course with full support from your trainer. The Courses have been designed to be Mobile Friendly and can be accessed anywhere in the world 24/7. Once you graduate, our TEFL Experts will be waiting to help you find a job.

Contact us now at or call us on +443308280042.

Enjoy TEFL  is accredited by ACCREDITAT. Enjoy TEFL offer a UNIQUE Advanced 120 Hour and a Master 180 Hour Online TEFL Course AND access to 2 FREE Specialist Teaching Mindfulness courses from £89.99 or $134.99, to help you become a calm, confident and competent teacher. Please visit
Both the Enjoy TEFL Advanced 120 Hour and Master 180 Hour Course give you the most professional and up to date skills for becoming a TEFL Teacher. The Advanced and Master Online TEFL Courses will teach you Cognitive, Affective and Metacognitive Skills.
The Enjoy TEFL Team is offering you the opportunity to be an excellent teacher because we offer more skills.
Once you are qualified with the Accredited Enjoy TEFL Online TEFL Course, our team can help you find a TEFL Job or help you begin a TEFL Adventure. Please visit
Our Mission: To help you begin a lifetime of learning and experience. 

LinguaEdge ( LinguaEdge’s online 50-, 100- and 150-hour courses blend theory with the nuts-and-bolts essentials of teaching English to learners around the world. Course learning material consists of a variety of forms of input to ensure that learning is engaging and motivating. Specifically, course content is full of practical examples, enhanced with visual displays, hands-on “interactivities”, and multi-media presentations. Likewise, exhibits, learning games, simulations and scenarios, teaching realia, and video and audio clips expand further on the primary learning material. Video and audio in particular provide the candidate with alternate TESOL points of view from ESL/EFL students and teachers currently in the field.

LinguaEdge 50-Hour Course: The 50-Hour online TESOL Certificate Course is a starter course for anyone looking to start a career in teaching English or for anyone who has practical teaching experience, but little or no formal training. The course provides an overview of TESOL and the theories that inform the field; effective teaching techniques; guidance on how to design engaging student-centered lesson plans; and covers effective classroom management strategies.

LinguaEdge 100-Hour Course: In the LinguaEdge 100-hour online course, candidates get an overview of TESOL and the theories that inform the field; analyze language and effectively present, explain, and teach grammar; learn effective teaching techniques; design engaging student-centered lesson plans; and practice effective classroom management strategies.

LinguaEdge 150-Hour Course: The LinguaEdge 150-hour online TESOL course amplifies topics covered in the 100-hour course and specifically provides a robust base of knowledge in the area of the language systems (grammar, phonetics, and vocabulary). In addition to receiving an overview of the different learning and teaching theories that inform the field, candidates will: gain an in-depth knowledge of phonetics and phonology; learn to present and teach vocabulary in a student-centered manner; be able to analyze language and effectively present, explain, and teach grammar; learn effective teaching techniques; design engaging student-centered lesson plans; practice effective classroom management; and explore additional professional development and opportunities within the TESOL field.

Accreditation in Process

Other TEFL/TESOL companies are in the process of being accredited by ACCREDITAT at this time, including:

Lango English


Horizons University - MA in International Education

They will appear above in due course.


PLEASE BEWARE OF THE FOLLOWING:                                  
1. TEFL Zone at: 
We have cancelled their accreditation due to non-payment of the agreed fees.

They say they are accredited by ACCREDITAT but we no longer accredit their TESOL course.

They say they are accredited by ACCREDITAT but they are not.

They say they are accredited by ACCREDITAT but they are not.

Their accreditation was terminated on 5 October 2022 but they still give students the impression that they are accredited by ACCREDITAT. Some students have even tried to get their certificates legalised for overseas work but have failed because Notaries have found out that The Overseas Teacher is not accredited by ACCREDITAT. We have clear evidence of this.

Any TEFL certificates issued by The Overseas Teacher after 5 October 2022, where a student has been given the impression that The Overseas Teacher is accredited by ACCREDITAT, are not valid.