UKRLP (UK Register of Learning Providers)

ACCREDITAT is registered under the UKRLP (UK Register of Learning Providers), Number 10065351.
Registration on the UKRLP means that we have been verified against a recognised legal source.

The Training Issues Ltd team, its specialist ACCREDITAT accreditation division and its Charter Mark expert have worked with an extensive range of enterprises in the course of its evaluation, assessment and accreditation work. Underpinning all that we do for our clients, and valued by them, is our principle of 'Excellence via Competence'.

Our clients include enterprises in the UK but, more significantly, approximately 90% of our work has been in the international arena where the ELT content has been considerable.

We have always viewed our role as being a partnering role, working in 'partnership' with our clients to achieve the same goal.

Here is a small selection of the excellent enterprises we have had the pleasure to assist in a 'partnering' role:

Allianz, Asia Pacific and other regions 
Singapore College of Insurance
Lombard International, Luxembourg
Panin Bank, Indonesia
Hana Life, South Korea
Alliance Bank, Malaysia
Daewoo Securities, South Korea
Keppel, Singapore
Standard Chartered Bank, various countries
Tip-Top Translations, UK and USA
Royal Bank of Scotland
Norwich Union Mortgage
Code of Compliance Board
College of North West London
Aberdeen College
Anniesland College, Glasgow
Carmarthenshire College, Wales

Accredited TEFL/TESOL Companies

We are delighted to welcome the following TEFL/TESOL companies whom we have accredited recently. These companies clearly demonstrate the ethos of 'Excellence via Competence'. We are proud to be involved in their future. They abide by the agreed standards and ethics for accreditation.

 World TESOL Academy (                                        

At the World TESOL Academy, we focus solely on providing thorough TESOL/TEFL training at an affordable price range.

Our aim is to ensure that people around the world have access to reliable and supported training with assessments that leave you confident in your own abilities.

Our organisation values are:

  • Education should be affordable
  • Education courses should provide a complete set of materials on the given topic
  • Education courses should be relevant to the modern environment
  • Self-study courses should come with access to real teacher support

As an education-based organisation, we believe these four pillars should be the focus of any distance-learning course.

 ELETEFL (                                          

ELETEFL offers a new 40-hour Accredited TEFL course that is directed towards, but not limited to, teaching English Online.  No matter your level of teaching experience as this industry continues to grow and evolve, rest assured that we will support you along your journey towards a promising and exciting career. 

You will find that our user-friendly and easy to understand course will provide you with the skills, knowledge and confidence necessary to obtain an online job teaching English.  Our proven method will provide you with practical knowledge and will save you tons of time and money in becoming classroom ready. 

Though our course is directed towards teaching online, the years of experience synthesized in it are applicable to any academic setting:  whether online, face to face private tutoring or brick and mortar schools.

Get Started today and let us guide you along the way!

 TeachTEFL (

TeachTEFL offers a variety of courses to ensure you are ready to be the best teacher you can be. 
You will discover that our accredited courses have everything you need to become a competent and effective TEFL/TESOL teacher.

Accredited Advanced 120 Hour TEFL Course

We are immensely proud to be accredited by ACCREDITAT. Our high-quality Advanced 120 hour TEFL course is jam-packed with everyday ideas and practical examples.  You will find that our course is written in Plain English and our system is easy to navigate.

This is not just an online course with no human interaction. We require our students to complete assignments which will provide practical and “real-life” lesson planning skills. You will receive assessment feedback and quality support from our highly-qualified tutors.

We guarantee that we will be here to support you whenever you need it and we’ll help to prepare you well for your teaching career.

The highly-positive feedback we have received so far from our students has proven that we’ve got it right.

Our ACCREDITAT-accredited Course Offerings

Our course offerings give you, the teacher, the flexibility to choose which course would suit you. You can always start small, if you wish, and add to your teaching credentials by adding the smaller courses.  The courses we offer are
  • 180 Hour Advanced TEFL Course
  • 120 Hour Advanced TEFL Course
  • 20 Hour Teaching Business English Course
  • 20 Hour Teaching Young Learners Course
  • 20 Hour Teaching English Online Course
  • 20 Hour Practical Course (On Site Practical Course)
We cannot wait to have you as part of our family! Contact us at!

 Horizons University

MA in TESOL at Horizons University (fully online) 

The Horizons University Master’s degree in TESOL is suitable for both current TESOL/ESL/EFL teachers as well as for people with no teaching experience but with a good command of English and a bachelor’s degree. As this program is designed to be taken entirely online, students can start any day of the year, adjust their studies to their work and life schedule, and graduate within one to two years. 

This program is designed to give its students an extensive background in the theory of second language acquisition as well as to provide practical skills needed to teach grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation; to develop and design curriculum, courses, and materials; to carry out learner assessment; and to conduct research in the field of TESOL.

Furthermore, this is one of the most affordable online Master of Arts in TESOL programs from an internationally accredited non-profit university. Founded in 1998, Horizons University was the first French (and European) university to offer an online TESOL degree program.

The MA in TESOL from Horizons University gives its students an opportunity to find their passion in the field of TESOL and prepare for the career of their choice. Its graduates can pursue many different careers in education, including teaching English as a second or foreign language to learners of all ages, in many educational settings, in the native country or abroad, in secondary schools or universities (additional certification, however, may be required for teaching in secondary schools);  in administrative positions, such as an English program supervisor; as developers of EFL/ESL materials for various publishing companies; and in research in an academic setting.

 EF Education First (

Coming soon! EF Education First offers a high-quality, accredited 120 hour online TEFL course. Keep an eye on this page and we will confirm when this accredited program is available.

 Magic Ears TESOL

Whether you are a skilled teacher with lots of first-hand classroom experience, or you are looking for a new opportunity, this 100% online course will help you become a confident and successful TESOL teacher. Based on our long and successful experience in TEFL/TESOL, we have designed this exceedingly practical, high-quality TESOL course for you.
This course is supported by Magic Ears, one of many online English education companies in China and is well known for its special 1-on-4 classes and high-quality teachers. To further Magic Ears as a leading online education company, ACCREDITAT has accredited the Magic Ears 120-hour TESOL certification course to meet the high standards of Magic Ears’ customers. We want to share TESOL knowledge and skills with anyone who is interested in teaching English, which is why we built this course for anyone who plans to start a TESOL career.

SEELS Teachers Academy ( SEELS is based in Japan.

The name 'SEELS' stands for ‘Social Enterprise
English Language School’.

SEELS offers highly motivated individuals the opportunity to teach, learn and grow as certified English teachers in Japan.

ACCREDITAT has been collaborating with SEELS for several years. We accredit their: 120-Hour Advanced TESOL certificate course, 120-Hour Advanced Teaching Business English certificate course, 30-hour Teaching English Online certificate course, 60-Hour Advanced Social Network and Digital Business English certificate course, and their 60-hour Advanced Teaching English to Young Learners certificate course.

So far, these courses have only been offered in Japan.

Due to their great success over 12 years, and due to the amount of enquiries they receive from global students about their courses, SEELS is on the verge of extending their global presence. They will soon be offering the following:

Course 1: A global online 120-Hour TESOL course, accredited by ACCREDITAT

Course 2: An innovative hybrid 120-Hour TESOL course, accredited by ACCREDITAT. With this hybrid course, you will study half of the course online and you will study the other half later for 10 days in a classroom environment in a beautiful Vietnam setting. SEELS is fully aware of the high price that students pay for a 120-Hour course in such a setting, so their course structure will reduce the price that you would normally pay.

These two global courses are work in progress. So keep an eye on this page and we will confirm when these courses are ready for all global students.

 TESOL-direct (  We set up TESOL-direct in 2000 ( to offer high quality, competitively-priced courses. Our TESOL certificate courses are offered by distance learning because this is the most cost-effective and flexible way to study. We have provided TESOL / TEFL* training in 22 countries. All our tutors are very experienced with at least 20 years of ESOL / EFL teaching and training experience behind them, and at least an MA/MEd TESOL / TEFL qualification. (*The terms TESOL and TEFL are interchangeable worldwide. The acronym TESOL is widely used around the world; TEFL is more common in the UK.)

Our courses are by distance learning and are not on-line. An on-line course is not appropriate for a TESOL / TEFL programme. We send you your course materials. When you have enrolled, our course materials will be made available to you (pdf format -  so quick and 100% safe) and you can save them on your computer. We will also appoint a tutor for you who will mark your assignments and answer your questions.

We offer a 150-hour programme for people wishing to teach for some years, and perhaps make it their career. This is a comprehensive training programme: 450 pages + 100-page English Grammar Guide. We also offer a 120-hour course for people wishing to teach for a shorter time, perhaps even as a volunteer. For those who have completed a TESOL / TEFL certificate, we offer a Certificate in Teaching English to Young Learners as well as a Certificate in Teaching Business English.

There are no exams. Assessment is through assignments. Each participant receives comprehensive feedback on each assignment. This is an important and unique element with our training programmes not found with other providers. If an assignment needs to be modified, we give guidance and it can be resubmitted.

There are videos of classroom lessons on our site which participants can access. There are also sample materials.

All participants have 12 months in which to complete their course, although most complete in between 5 and 8 weeks.

The quality and professional nature of our TESOL training is confirmed with accreditation by ACCREDITAT. The demand for teachers with training in TESOL / TEFL continues to be high around the world, and schools and colleges in many countries are continually looking for native and non-native speakers with teaching skills. We have job links on our site.

To find out more, please go to . If you have questions, please email .

TESOL-direct Ltd is registered with the United Kingdom Register of Learning Providers (UKPRN: 10002273). UKRLP is a ‘one-stop’ portal used by government departments, agencies, learners, and employers to share key information about learning providers.

We are also registered with the UK Data Protection Information Commissioner, registration number: Z2546276.

UNI-Prep Institute (  UNI-Prep Institute is a respected name in educational, professional development.

UNI-Prep Institute offers two high-quality online TESOL/TEFL programs, both of which will qualify you to teach English abroad in virtually every country in the world:

1. A high-quality 120-hour online TESOL/TEFL Certificate program

2. A high-quality 250-hour online TESOL/TEFL Diploma program

Whichever course you choose, you can decide whether you wish to receive the TESOL or TEFL qualification as each course meets the requirements of both qualifications.

UNI-Prep has a 99% course completion and pass rate, and the Institute has extensive connections to ESL/EFL-related employment opportunities around the world.

Find out more at


TEFLPros  ( If you are looking for a high-quality online solution for learning how to teach English abroad, look no further than TEFLPros’ 120 hour TEFL Certification Course.

We are the first and only fully online TEFL provider that mixes the latest in online learning capabilities with 20+ hours of in-classroom observations. This powerful combination results in an experiential learning environment that is fully immersive and allows you to grasp what it’s really like to be in the classroom while studying remotely.

We are also proud to be fully accredited by ACCREDITAT.

You’ll love our upbeat and fun approach to TEFL. Our videos will keep you engaged and interested throughout the course. The course syllabus is clear and easy to follow. We will measure your progress throughout the course and provide valuable feedback so that you can feel confident and prepared when you step into the real classroom.

Our course was developed by two teachers who are currently living and working abroad so we can provide real life insight that other providers cannot. We are also here to answer any questions that you may have and we guarantee that your experience with TEFLPros will provide you with the necessary tools you need to teach English abroad.

So, what are you waiting for? Check us out at to find out more information and sign up for the next step of your teaching career.


TEFL UK ( We believe in empowering our students to be the best that they can be through our quality, tried and tested TEFL training courses.Ultimately, our courses are designed to enable graduates to have a fulfilling teaching experience.
From our experience, we know that teaching English as a Foreign language can be a complex task. We focus on delivering solutions to problems a teacher might face when teaching TEFL.
Through our training, teachers can learn effective teaching methodology and the right approach to take in order to successfully navigate potential pitfalls when delivering ESOL (English as a Second Language) classes.
We believe that all students have the right to be taught by teachers with a wealth of lesson ideas, strategies and grammatical understanding. Our courses help provide a full understanding of these ideas.

There’s nothing complicated about it: great training, great outcome!

TEFL UK 120 hour Advanced Interactive TEFL
This innovative course is excellent value for money and consists of 13 modules that are broken down into small units with interactive questions designed to engage and stimulate learning. Each module contains a test.

The course is easy to follow and you can access it via an e-learning portal that is compatible with your mobile or device. You can study from anywhere!

This course will help you learn how to become an effective TEFL teacher.

By the end of the course, you will have a thorough understanding of classroom management skills, grammatical awareness, lesson planning, how to teach receptive skills, how to teach productive skills, how to use games and controlled practice and much more. 

TEFL UK 150 hour Advanced TEFL
Our comprehensive TEFL Masters course covers everything you need to teach across a broad range of contexts, including teaching children and adults.
You will also gain understanding of IELTS and TOEFL exam preparation.

The course contains 16 modules with additional units on teaching Business English, Teaching Large Classes and Teaching Exams Classes.

As with the 120 hour Advanced Interactive TEFL, you can access it via an e-learning portal that is compatible with any device, meaning you can study from anywhere.

By the end of the course, you will have a thorough understanding of how to teach English to a wide variety of learners including children, adults and corporate.

TEFL Fullcircle ( TEFL Fullcircle offers you an outstanding opportunity to get an Accredited TEFL Education and give yourself the chance to experience a 360 Degree view of your world by teaching and travelling.
Our TEFL courses are accredited by ACCREDITAT and we feel proud to be associated with such an outstanding Internationally Recognised Partner.
As an English speaker with a TEFL Fullcircle Certificate, you can discover your TEFL Planet and travel and experience different cultures from South America to South East Asia.

We offer a high quality 120 Hour and a high quality 160 Hour Online TEFL Course with full support from your trainer. The Courses have been designed to be Mobile Friendly and can be accessed anywhere in the world 24/7. Once you graduate, our TEFL Experts will be waiting to help you find a job.

Contact us now at or call us on +443308280042.

TEFLworld ( TEFLworld is a TEFL training school authorized to providing accredited Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) training and to issue accredited TEFL certificates.

We are based on the beautiful Thai island of Koh Samui, and are part of The British School of Samui, a private day school. We have been successfully running TEFL courses every month of the year across multiple training locations for the last 16 years, and are rated as one of the most successful TEFL/TESOL schools in Asia. Since 2000 we have trained over hundreds of students from all over the globe.
Our graduates are now teaching all over the world from Thailand to Tanzania, Japan to Mexico and Taiwan to Sydney. Think of a country and a TEFLworld teacher will be there.

Our TEFL courses are run over 4 weeks with courses every month of the year. Students stay at our partner hotel close to the school and attend the school Monday to Friday. Weekends are free to enjoy Koh Samui.
Each course is 120 hours in duration (over a 4 week period). The course consists of two main modules - Theory and Practical. At TEFLworld we believe the best way to learn to teach is by actually teaching not only watching. Our courses are geared to maximizing the amount of practical teaching during each course. Students have the opportunity to teach a variety of levels of adult and children both on and off the school campus. Contact us now:

Enjoy TEFL  is accredited by ACCREDITAT. Enjoy TEFL offer a UNIQUE Advanced 120 Hour and a Master 180 Hour Online TEFL Course AND access to 2 FREE Specialist Teaching Mindfulness courses from £89.99 or $134.99, to help you become a calm, confident and competent teacher. Please visit
Both the Enjoy TEFL Advanced 120 Hour and Master 180 Hour Course give you the most professional and up to date skills for becoming a TEFL Teacher. The Advanced and Master Online TEFL Courses will teach you Cognitive, Affective and Metacognitive Skills.
The Enjoy TEFL Team is offering you the opportunity to be an excellent teacher because we offer more skills.
Once you are qualified with the Accredited Enjoy TEFL Online TEFL Course, our team can help you find a TEFL Job or help you begin a TEFL Adventure. Please visit
Our Mission: To help you begin a lifetime of learning and experience. 

TEFL Express ( The TEFL Express team has over 35 years of experience in the teacher training and language teaching industry. Offering an extensive range of self-paced online, classroom and webinar TEFL courses, there are numerous certification options to choose from. Our video-based TEFL courses offer the closest experience to classroom training that you can get from an online programme. Access your flexible online training account globally from anywhere with internet access or join a classroom-based course for live tutor training. Each of the TEFL Express courses has been accredited by ACCREDITAT during their independent assessment process. Once qualified, TEFL Express will help you springboard into the ESL jobs world through its jobs and internship opportunities listed on the website.
Note: Each of the TEFL Express courses has been accredited by ACCREDITAT during their independent assessment process (CELTA & Trinity CertTESOL courses are British Council approved).

TEFLINK ( UK. Accredited! TEFLINK offers a range of 8 online TEFL courses, all of which are independently accredited by ACCREDITAT. Our approach is relaxed and flexible, yet highly effective. Our expertly skilled educators have designed the range of TEFLINK courses to ensure that on completion you have an academically sound qualification which is highly valued internationally. In addition to gaining a TEFL qualification, you’ll also be fully prepared to sit the Cambridge ESOL TKT on completion of a comprehensive TEFLINK course. This will allow you to add a further internationally recognised teaching qualification to your CV.

LinguaEdge ( LinguaEdge’s online 50-, 100- and 150-hour courses blend theory with the nuts-and-bolts essentials of teaching English to learners around the world. Course learning material consists of a variety of forms of input to ensure that learning is engaging and motivating. Specifically, course content is full of practical examples, enhanced with visual displays, hands-on “interactivities”, and multi-media presentations. Likewise, exhibits, learning games, simulations and scenarios, teaching realia, and video and audio clips expand further on the primary learning material. Video and audio in particular provide the candidate with alternate TESOL points of view from ESL/EFL students and teachers currently in the field.

LinguaEdge 50-Hour Course: The 50-Hour online TESOL Certificate Course is a starter course for anyone looking to start a career in teaching English or for anyone who has practical teaching experience, but little or no formal training. The course provides an overview of TESOL and the theories that inform the field; effective teaching techniques; guidance on how to design engaging student-centered lesson plans; and covers effective classroom management strategies.

LinguaEdge 100-Hour Course: In the LinguaEdge 100-hour online course, candidates get an overview of TESOL and the theories that inform the field; analyze language and effectively present, explain, and teach grammar; learn effective teaching techniques; design engaging student-centered lesson plans; and practice effective classroom management strategies.

LinguaEdge 150-Hour Course: The LinguaEdge 150-hour online TESOL course amplifies topics covered in the 100-hour course and specifically provides a robust base of knowledge in the area of the language systems (grammar, phonetics, and vocabulary). In addition to receiving an overview of the different learning and teaching theories that inform the field, candidates will: gain an in-depth knowledge of phonetics and phonology; learn to present and teach vocabulary in a student-centered manner; be able to analyze language and effectively present, explain, and teach grammar; learn effective teaching techniques; design engaging student-centered lesson plans; practice effective classroom management; and explore additional professional development and opportunities within the TESOL field.

TEFL Cambridge ( Study from a choice of 5 TEFL training courses ranging from 20 to 140 hours. These professionally designed programmes will guide you effortlessly through the methodology of language teaching, in a series of carefully crafted units that make learning easy and interesting. A generous study period of 90 days is set for trainee English teachers to complete all components of the training course. Each course unit is followed by a multiple choice test that will assess your understanding and retention of the material studied and highlight any areas of weakness. All 5 courses in the TEFL Cambridge range are accredited by ACCREDITAT.

WorldTeach (, Center for International Development, Harvard University, for whom we accredit their TEFL Certification program, which includes teacher training, assignments and readings, and real-life teaching experiences. After participants receive their minimum 33 hours of TEFL training, they spend either one semester or an entire academic year teaching English as a Foreign Language in a developing country. While participants teach, they continue with their TEFL Certification course, submitting lesson plans for feedback, reading case studies and reflecting on lessons learned, and having WorldTeach staff observe their teaching and provide suggestions and feedback.

At the end of the WorldTeach TEFL Certification program, participants receive a certificate with approximately 125 hours of TEFL training and coursework, and between 500 and 800 hours of independent teaching of English as a Foreign Language.

Accreditation in Process

Other TEFL/TESOL companies are in the process of being accredited by ACCREDITAT at this time. They will be added to our list above in due course.

SEELS Teachers Academy: Japan and Vietnam. A choice of 2 courses:

Course 1: an online TESOL course

Course 2: an innovative hybrid TESOL course. With this hybrid course, half of the course will be studied online and the other half will be studied later in a classroom environment in beautiful Vietnam setting.

EF Education First, China

Go TESOL: China